Cub Staking & Governance

Modeled After Curve.Fi - We're Introducing New Cub Contracts That Will Allow Users to Stake CUB, Amplify Yield Farming Rewards and Participate in Governance

Curve.Fi is one of the most popular DeFi projects in the space. There are a number of reasons for this, chief among them is the veCRV staking model.

This model allows users to stake CRV as veCRV which amplifies their LP incentives for yield farming in CRV gagues. Staking CRV also allows the user to participate in Curve DAO governance votes.

CUB Staking

When CUB staking is officially introduced, users will visit a new page on the platform which will allow them to interact with the new LCUB contract: allowing users to stake their CUB as "LCUB".

Holding CUB staked as "LCUB" will amplify the user's rewards from existing LP farm positions and also grant voting power in Cub Finance governance votes.

Once the DAO is established and votes can be cast with staked CUB, users will be able to vote on key factors in the Cub Finance ecosystem:

  • Fee structures

  • Farm APR Multipliers

  • Adding New Farms

  • Removing Existing Farms

  • etc.

Note: this feature is still in early-stage design and development. As we progress through development and enter testing, you may see changes to the model we've briefly outlined here. Check back for updates as the development progresses. We're expecting a Q2 2021 launch for "LCUB" staking, governance votes and LP reward amplification.