CUB Kingdoms

Modeled After Yearn Autocompounding Vaults. Details Coming Soon™️

This feature is modeled after one of the most popular DeFi use cases: auto-compounding vaults. Vaults like these allow LPs to stake their liquidity, earn an underlying asset (i.e. CUB) and automatically compound their LP position via smart contract.

The smart contract sells the LP rewards as they are earned and auto-reinvests in the base assets.

Cub Kingdoms

Auto-compound your CUBs with the new CUB Generations feature. When this feature goes live, you'll navigate to the "Generations" tab on, deposit CUB/BTCB LP tokens and then watch your CUBs grow. The smart contract handles the claiming of rewards and reinvestment of those rewards into the CUB/BTCB pool.

The smart contract takes a "5%" management fee and sends it to the CUB treasury for buy/burns.

Note: this feature is still in early-stage design and development. As we progress through development and enter testing, you may see changes to the model we've briefly outlined here. Check back for updates as the development progresses. We're expecting an early Q2 2021 launch for the new "CUB Generations" auto-compounding vault feature.