How to Download & Setup Metamask
For First Time Users: How to Start Using The Most Popular Blockchain Wallet Extension in the World

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a blockchain wallet extension and mobile application. This guide will focus on the desktop browser extension and show you how to download the wallet and set it up for the first time.
Note: for your security, please make sure that you're on the official Metamask URL (

2). Click Install & Add Extension

Depending on what browser you're using, this will take you to a web store to download the extension. In this tutorial, we'll use the brave browser but the process will be nearly identical regardless of the browser you're using.

Creating a Wallet

If you're reading this guide, we'll assume that you don't already have an Ethereum wallet (or that you want to create a new wallet).

1). Select Create a Wallet

2). Create a Password

Time to create a password. This password is utilized to unlock your extension. It does not play a role in encrypting your blockchain private keys or seed phrase. If you're familiar with the "Hive Keychain" wallet extension or similar "unlock" (or "pin-based" mechanisms), then you'll understand that this password is simply used for unlocking the extension locally for your usage. Similar to a passcode to unlock your mobile device.
If you lose this password, the 12-24 word seed phrase that you get in the next steps can still access your blockchain wallet.

3). Important!! Save Your Key Words

This is the most vital step in this entire process. This phrase is the encryption for your actual blockchain wallet. Losing this phrase will result in a total loss of access. DON'T LOSE THIS PHRASE!!
Metamask gives great tips on the right side for properly storing and securing this phrase.

4). Confirm Phrase

Now that you've written down the secret phrase, Metamask will ask you to confirm the order of the words given to you.
Congratualtions! You now have an Ethereum / BSC wallet. If you're ready to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your Metamask address so that you can login and utilize Cub Finance and other BSC-dApps, then proceed to the next section: How to Connect Metamask to BSC and Cub Finance.

Special Instructions (Brave Browser):

Brave has a weird web3 wallet setting in the settings page. This can sometimes alter the default Ethereum extension when using the Brave browser on various dApps. If you encounter any strange connection issues, try changing this setting to "Metamask" in your Brave Browser Settings Page.