How to Deposit LP Tokens In CubFinance Vaults
On Cub Finance, you can stake Liquidity Pool tokens in vaults to earn APR paid out in CUB every few seconds. The CUB accumulates automatically and you can view and claim it as frequently as you want from the Cub Finance Homepage.
Before depositing LP tokens in a vault contract on the Farms page, you need to obtain the LP tokens of the respective vault you want to enter. For example, if you want to add LP tokens to the CUB-BUSD vault, then you need to pool CUB and BUSD in the CUB-BUSD liquidity pool. If you haven't pooled yet, then visit the previous tutorial:

How to Deposit LP Tokens and Earn Yield

1). Visit the Farms Page

On the Farms page, you'll see all of the various vaults where you can stake LP tokens. The CUB-BUSD and CUB-BNB vaults have the highest APR and also have a 0% deposit fee.
The bLEO-BNB farm has the 3rd highest APR and only a 2% deposit fee - since bLEO is native token of the entire LeoFinance project.
Other farms like BTC-WBNB can be entered as well. Outside of the top 3 farms, these other vaults have very similar APR yields and all carry a 4% deposit fee.

2). Approve the Vault Contract You Want to Stake LP Tokens Into

3). Add LP Tokens

4). LP Tokens

5). Use - + to Withdraw or Add to an Existing Vault Position

6). View & Claim LP Incentives In Real-Time:

Visit the homepage to view and claim your CUB rewards in real-time. You can also track the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the CUB network and other key CUB token stats along with an announcement feed plugged into the LeoFinance Twitter account.