How to Connect Metamask to BSC and CubFinance
Many of Our Users Are Completely New to DeFi in General and Especially to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We've Got You Covered In The Following Guides
A majority of our existing community has likely never used Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you're new to BSC, then there are several ways to connect a wallet and engage with products like CubFinance, Pancakeswap, etc.
This guide will show you how to connect Metamask to the BSC network.
Note: BSC is a modified fork of the Ethereum mainnet. As a relatively young blockchain with PoS characteristics, Binance Smart Chain offers a few key features that Ethereum doesn't have at the moment - most notably, extremely low gas fees.
Since BSC is a fork of the Ethereum mainnet, Binance Smart Chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and it is extremely easy to port applications, smart contracts and wallets over to BSC from ETH.

How to Connect MetaMask With BSC

The following is pulled directly from a guide. Feel free to view the guide directly from their site or the following version that we've compiled.

1). Go to the settings page on the MetaMask extension:

2). Add a new network:

BSC Mainnet:

You're Ready to Use BSC!

Now that you've added BSC as a network option in Metamask, you can select it from the dropdown menu.
When you choose "Smart Chain", you'll find that Metamask displays your BNB balance and will replace many of the "ETH" displays with BNB as well.
If you're completely new to BSC, you'll also notice that your address in Metamask is the same as the ETH address that you may normally utilize on the Ethereum network. Again, BSC is a fork of Ethereum and thus, many ETH aspects blend over to Binance Smart Chain (but one thing that doesn't: enormous gas fees).