CUB Claimdrop Tutorial
How to Claim the First Cross-Chain Hybrid Claimdrop
In the CUB Token section, we mentioned that there was no presale of CUB. While most DeFi platforms similar to this launch a presale, we're a two-year old project with LEO stakeholders and wLEO LPs.
CUB will feature the first ever cross-chain hybrid claimdrop.
Due to the complexities of this system, we decided to redesign the code for this airdrop and change some of the rules in terms of CUB's transferability / tradability on Hive Engine prior to being claimed on BEP20.
Key Changes:
  • CUB can now be bought/sold on HE and anyone can wrap it into BEP20 CUB (although, one should mind the price difference and consider trying the platform - as that is the main purpose of this airdrop)
  • A UI has been created to handle the CUB HE -> CUB BEP20 wraps. We were originally going to have users manually send TXs to wrap but later realized that this would cause utter chaos in the community :)
  • Instead of rolling the airdrop out in phases (to handle the complexities), we're now rolling the airdrop out all at once to LEO Stakeholders. This makes for a more "fair" airdrop since everyone will receive it at the same time. We're able to do this because the claimdrop process has been radically simplified from the old version
  • The wrapping bridge from CUB HE -> CUB BEP20 will only last for 7 days (it will close on March 17th)
  • The wrapping bridge from CUB HE -> CUB BEP20 only goes 1 way. Once CUB has been claimed on BSC, it will be burned on HE and HE CUB (the wrapping bridge) will be deprecated on March 17th
Please follow the steps below to claim your CUB on BSC.
We appreciate everyone being patient with us as the initial CUB airdrop goes out, users are showed how to wrap and claim and more. This turned out to be much more complex than originally intended and it took us a few extra days to figure out how to make this work and not create total mayhem in the process. I hope everyone can understand that. Thank you 🦁

How to Claim the CUB Drop:

1). As balances are processed, the CUB drop system will send CUB to your Hive wallet as CUB HE tokens

View HE Token Balances on

2). Once you receive your CUB HE tokens, head over to the new Wrapping UI specifically for the CUB airdrop

3). Enter your BSC address under "CUB AIRDROP"

4). Click Submit, then enter the amount of CUB to claim on Binance Smart Chain

5). Confirm the TX with Hivesigner or Hive Keychain

Note: it may say "LEO Transfer" in Hive Keychain. You can ignore thios and Click to Show Data to make sure it's sending CUB. Minor visual display issue

It will take anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute to receive BEP20 CUB in your BSC wallet address

View your wallet at
Note: the CUB bridge works one way and will close on March 17th. You must claim HE CUB as BEP20 CUB before this date. Afterwards, CUB on HE will be deprecated.

Other Key Airdrop Details

A total of 28,000 CUB (current value is roughly $140k USD) will be airdropped to LEO POWER stakeholders and WLEO LPs. This is the project's way of distributing some ownership in the new CUB platform to anyone who HODLs native LEO (and LPs).
Most DeFi applications run presales to raise capital and create this early distribution of tokens. With Cub, we decided not to run this way for a number of reasons. Namely, being a two year old project (LeoFinance) with a two year old community of diamond hand HODLers.