CUB Token
CUB is a Base Layer Token to Continue Our Project's Expansion into DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain: Expect New Applications & Contracts that Continually Seek to Add Value to the CUB Token Economy

No Presale

Most yield farming projects launch with a private token presale of some kind to raise initial liquidity. As an established project (LeoFinance originally launched in July 2019), we don't need presales or any sort of token offering to raise funds. Instead, we opt to provide the most value possible to LEO token hodlers.
With the launch of CubFinance, we've decided to take a % of the base stake (what would normally be used as a presale) and airdrop it to long-term LEO stakeholders. People who have staked LEO for an extensive period of time over the past 2 years on the LeoFinance platform.
We've built what we're calling a "hybrid claimdrop" which is a similar system used by projects like Uniswap and 1Inch but with a few unique twists because LeoFinance is a cross-blockchain project.

CUB Token:

Contract Address: 0x50d809c74e0b8e49e7b4c65bb3109abe3ff4c1c1
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Supply: Unlimited With Predictable Inflation Via CUB / Block

Emission Rate

Week 1: 3 tokens / block
Week 2: 2 tokens / block
Week 3: 1 tokens / block
Note: Week 1 starts on March 8th (launch day) and ends on March 15th. Emissions rate is reduced on the 15th to 2 tokens / block until the following week where it drops to 1 CUB / block.

Burns & Fee Distribution

As mentioned above, we're a two year old project and unlike other yield farming platforms, we don't rely on collecting revenue via presales and burn fees.
Instead, we opt to use 100% of the revenue collected from Kingdoms to either reward CUB stakers or burn CUB:
  • a 7% management fee is collected on external platform harvests from Kingdoms - this autonomously purchases CUB on the open market and burns it
  • a 3% management fee is collected on external platform harvests from Kingdoms - this autonomously gets converted to BNB and is distributed to users who stake CUB in the CUB Kingdom