Bridging Our Community to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
We call our native rewards token "LEO" (not the same as the Bitfinex cryptocurrency by the same name). This token is what we use to distribute rewards for content creation, engagmenet and curation on our flagship application:
This token also serves as a sort of bridge to other blockchains. We started by launching Wrapped LEO (wLEO) on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows our users to seamlessly wrap and unwrap their native LEO rewards into the ERC20 equivalent - WLEO - and utilize DeFi exchanges and applications on the Ethereum network.
bLEO does the exact same thing for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC has been growing incredibly fast and we are excited to bridge the LEO token economy and our community to a third blockchain.

What is bLEO?

BEP20 LEO (bLEO) is a wrapped version of our native platform token - LEO.
bLEO can be wrapped or unwrapped at any time on a 1 for 1 basis with native LEO tokens. From there, the user can stake LEO on their wallet to use for curation or our new leasing application to earn yield on natively staked LEO tokens or wrap it into wLEO to utilize the ERC20 equivalent on ETH apps.
We're launching bLEO with one BSC pool to start: bLEO-BNB.
This allows a whole new set of users to trade and provide liquidity for the LEO token economy on the Binance Smart Chain.
Fees on BSC are incredibly low - averaging about $0.15 per TX - versus ETH where fees can be over $40 for a simple swap.
bLEO will bring a far greater level of access to the LEO token economy both for our existing users who don't want to deal with large ETH gas fees and for a new market of users who are already on the Binance Smart Chain.
For this reason and more, we decided to pair the launch of bLEO with the launch of Cub Finance as a means to attract a wider audience of users.

What Can You Do With BEP20 LEO?

At launch, bLEO already has a few use cases and we are actively reaching out to other Binance Smart Chain applications to get bLEO listed and utilized with a wider range of use cases.
  • Trade
  • Provide Liquidity
  • Unwrap & Exchange To/From ERC20 Equivalent (Bridge)
  • Unwrap & Stake For Influence on