Our Apps
LeoFinance Has Been Building Apps and Utilities for Our Community and Beyond Since Early 2019


Carrying the same name as our entire project, LeoFinance.io is our flagship application. This app is essentially a tokenized "Medium.com" built on a blockchain and powered by Web3 principles.
Users can join this site, create content, engage with content and store data on the Blockchain for free. We've built unique login methods to allow users from Twitter, Metamask and SMS (Phone #) to login to the site. We've created one of the most seamless blockchain wallet creation procesees in the entire crypto industry.
Go have a try with Twitter or Metamask and see how you can create a wallet in less than 30 seconds and earn crypto immediately.

Cub Finance (You Are Here)

Cub Finance is one of the first applications of LeoFi that we've rolled out in 2021. This application was built out of high demand from our community to continue our expansion into the DeFi space.
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has quickly become one of the most popular DeFi blockchains in the world. Rivaling TVL and daily trading volume on Ethereum with a fraction of the fees required for operations.
One of the amazing aspects of Cub Finance is the bLEO token (BEP20 LEO) which allows our users to earn LEO token rewards on our flagship app - LeoFinance.io - and seamlessly wrap those rewards into bLEO and participate in DeFi contracts via Cub Finance.
LeoFinance has developed one of the most unique tokenomic structures in the crypto industry. Users can earn tokens blogging, curating, commenting on content, leasing out their staked LEO, providing liquidity on Uniswap (Ethereum) and now they can earn on the BSC with CUB pooling, Dens and vault contracts.


LeoDex.io is one of the first apps we launched back in 2019. We built a native exchange app that allows our users to trade native LEO token rewards with the HIVE cryptocurrency.
This application started out in a much more simplistic form than what you see today. Since launching LeoDex, we've released 6 major versions and what you see today is the most complex, fast and feature-rich exchange on the Hive blockchain.


LeoPedia.io is an open resource for blockchain education. We use this app as an archive to organize the most popular & educational UGC on LeoFinance.io.


Hivestats.io is an analytics dashboard for the Hive blockchain. It allows users to view detailed reports and track real-time crypto rewards information about their Hive account.
Hivestats is only in V2 and as the app progresses, we'll continue to bring new features to our community via this dashboard.
Hivestats really is an MVP not only to the types of data dashboards we can build for Hive but also the dashboards we can build for other blockchains. We see a lot of potential and a void in the market for the Binance Smart Chain and are actively researching BSC-based analytics. In Q2 2021, you may see LeoFinance launch a yield-based analytical app similar to Hivestats but for BSC platforms.