CUB Kingdom

A completely revised version of the CUB Kingdom. Now with both fixed-term staking and flexible staking

Stake CUB, Earn CUB

One of the most popular vaults on CubFinance is the CUB Kingdom. The old CUB Kingdom currently (as of this writing, November 21st 2022) has ~$200k TVL with nearly half of all CUB in circulation deposited to the vault.
The new CUB Kingdom offers two different staking options. It has replaced the old CUB Kingdom and all users who would like to stake their CUB to earn CUB are asked to:
  1. 1.
    Move to the new CUB Kingdom
  2. 2.
    or Provide Liquidity to one of the 4 CUB-based Liquidity pools on

New CUB Kingdom

In this short guide, we'll cover the new CUB Kingdom and explain the options of flexible staking and fixed-term staking.

Flexible Staking

Flex staking (or flexible staking) is the same as the old CUB Kingdom. It allows users to deposit CUB and earn auto-compounding CUB profits back into your position. You can withdraw at any time.
Note: one of the many requested features in the old CUB Kingdom was to see your CUB profits. In the new CUB Kingdom, you can see your profits separate from what you originally staked. Your profits are still being auto-compounded, but now they are displayed so you can see exactly what you're earning!

Fixed-Term Staking

Fixed-term staking is what we're really excited for. It allows any user to define a lock term and stake their CUB for that term. Doing so will earn you a linearly increasing CUB Boost for the longer you choose to stake.
For example, a user who stakes their CUB for 12 weeks will earn a yield boost relative to a user who is staking for 2 weeks (or flex staking).
Flex staking earns you the lowest APY for CUB staking. Fixed-Term staking can be as little as 1 week or as long as 52 weeks. The more weeks you stake, the more APY you earn.

Flex vs. Fixed - A Side-by-Side Comparison

Yield Boost
❌ None
✅ Linearly Scales Based on Time
Withdraw Time
✅ Instant
❌ Fixed-Lockup Period by User
❌ 2% Performance Fee
✅ No Fees
✅ Rewards Autocompound
✅ Rewards Autocompound
Unstake Fee
❌ 0.1% Fee if Within 72 Hours
✅ No Fees
✅ Set it and Forget It
❌ Requires Extending Duration When Previous Lockup Ends
Both flexible and fixed-term staking are held within the same pool. This means that you can convert between the two. For example, if you stake for flex staking, you'll notice a button pop-up that allows you to convert it to a lock-up period for greater rewards.