The Largest Tokenized Crypto Community Expands to DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain
CubFinance is an extension of the LeoFinance project. LeoFinance is a Web3 social finance community that has been building blockchain applications on a variety of platforms since July 2019. Logo
Our flagship application - - connects the community on a web3 social media platform. Think of it as being similar to the popular Web2 blogging application "Medium" but built on a decentralized, public blockchain with in-built tokenomic rewards for content creators, users and investors.
LeoFinance has over 1,000 MAUs at present and continues to expand month-to-month. Our primary mission is growing our community and building infrastructure to expand our interoperability and access to other blockchains and projects in the crypto space.
This is where CubFinance comes into the fold. In 2020, we launched wLEO (Wrapped LEO) on the Ethereum network and listed the wrapped version of our native token on the Uniswap automated market maker protocol (AMM). This listing built a bridge for our community from our native token (LEO) to the Ethereum network via wLEO on Uniswap and showed us that DeFi was the path forward for our Web3 community to expand in both depth and width.

Cub Finance

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) solves many issues that exist on the Ethereum network. Blockchain interoperability is the future of this industry as expanding and collaborating has become the primary directive of all relevant projects in the crypto industry.
We see the massive value of being connected to a wide variety of blockchains that can bring new users, capital and use cases to our community project and BSC is our latest endeavor to build a bridge to a thriving community.
With Cub Finance, we've launching the Cub Finance farming platform - - which started as a familiar experience to anyone using Binance Smart Chain.
At launch (March 2021), we released the CUB token as the native farming token for this new platform. Alongside this, we've built a BEP20 wrapped version of our native LEO token for the Binance Smart Chain which allows anyone who holds LEO or wLEO to wrap into bLEO and utilize the BSC.

Long-Term Outlook

While this farming platform is similar to the countless others that have launched both on Ethereum and on BSC, the outlook for us is much more long-term. The goal of this platform is to provide liquidity to existing LEO hodlers (via bLEO and access to Binance Smart Chain pools) and most importantly: access a wider range of potential community members to connect with on
Farming is a fun way to put capital to work and earn some yield. To us, it's as much about earning yield and putting capital to work as it is finding new users to join our growing community of content creators, readers, traders, DeFi LPs and crypto investors.
LeoFinance has been operating a wide number of projects in the crypto industry for 2 years now and we'll continue to do so for the next 2 years and beyond. A long-term outlook is one of the unique values that our community brings to the DeFi / Yield Farming space through Cub Finance.


bLEO or "Binance LEO" is a wrapped version of our native token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Prior to launching Cub Finance, our token has been tradable on two exchanges:


Wrapped LEO was listed on Uniswap in November 2020 and has opened up our community to the Ethereum network. wLEO can seamlessly unwrap into native LEO where that LEO can then be staked in user wallets on or wrapped into bLEO to use on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Learn More About Us

While many yield farming platforms are popping up all over the place, they're typically operated by some anonymous group or individual. Cub Finance is unique in that it is an extension of our existing project. CUB is built to serve our existing community and simultaneously attract new potential users of the LeoFinance suite of applications and tokenomics.
Similar to Wrapped LEO and many of our other projects, everything is built with our long-term mission in mind: expand the scope and scale of LeoFinance's core user base.
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