Looking Beyond Basic Yield Farming as LeoFinance Continues the LeoFi Expansion with CUB, bLEO, wLEO and the Adoption of Other DeFi Contracts
Our goal with the CUB token is to build value at all layers. We see sustainable yield farming and the adoption of popular DeFi applications as our modus operandi.
As we build new applications, we're building with both our existing Leo/Cub userbase and with the broader BSC market in mind. The entire foundation of everything we build is rooted in the idea of growing our user base in depth and width while bringing value to the CUB token.
When you look to the track record of the entire LeoFinance project, you'll see our mode of operation: build and launch quickly. Follow up with rapid and relentless iteration to add new features.


The base code behind CubFinance has been audited heavily by several auditors in the space for similar projects. We've hired CertiK to conduct audits of Cub Finance's code.

Major Releases:

Cub Kingdoms

We realized the poor sustainability of the "Goose DeFi" farming model very quickly. Early on in the life of CUB, we began examining long-term yield models that we could adopt and build out so that the lifespan of CUB could extend far into the future.
Our goal is to build incredible contracts and applications that all lead back to bringing value to CUB. These developments take time and it's important that the base layers of CUB - distribution, yield, etc. - are built on solid foundation.
Kingdoms was the solution we decided to pursue. Autocompounding yield contracts with low CUB inflation while maintaining high APYs to continually attract new TVL.


LeoBridge is one of the most exciting features we've built for the Cub Finance branch of LeoFinance.
In May 2021, we launched Phase 1 of LeoBridge which enables permissionless cross-blockchain swaps of ERC20 -> BEP20 assets. The swap process is handled via unique smart contracts that we've created to handle asset conversions across two of the most popular blockchains in the world.
From the user's perspective, they will visit the bridge UI and select the ERC20 input and the BEP20 output.
On the backend, LeoBridge smart contracts swap the ERC20 input across the LEO token economy in order to output the desired BEP20. Following a process that looks like this:
ERC20 input --> wLEO --> unwrap into LEO --> wrap into bLEO --> swap bLEO for desired BEP20 output


LeoFinance is a community platform that is all about bridging the gap to other blockchains and communities. The mission of CubFinance is no different - our aim is to collaborate with BSC-based projects and work together to build a larger and more vibrant community of people who love crypto and finance.

Looking Long-Term

Our focus is always on bringing the most possible value to LEO (bLEO) and CUB token hodlers. LeoFi is one of the newest pillars of the LeoFinance project and currently includes:
  • bLEO (BEP20 LEO)
  • CubFinance (CUB Token & Yield Farming on BSC)
  • wLEO (Wrapped LEO on Ethereum)
  • LEO POWER Leasing (Native LEO on Hive)
  • LeoBridge (Permissionless Cross-Chain Swaps)
We've built a lot of interesting products for LeoFi already but there are so many more aspects of the DeFi industry that we have yet to explore. In the long run, we plan to continue adopting DeFi contracts that add new services and use cases both to the LEO (bLEO / wLEO) and CUB token economies. LeoFi is just getting started and we're excited to continue our rapid expansion in this space.
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